Just had a boiled egg explode in my face

HBU huns

Worst food related disasters…keep it light x

Are you OK? I could imagine that being quite painful :grimacing:


It’s not thursday

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thankfully it was absolutely fine. I’d done the really stupid thing of stick it in the microwave - I thought because I’d cut it in half it’d be fine. But it was only for ten seconds so it wasn’t actually that hot. It was just the shock of it. And now wiping away yolk from my glasses :smiley: :confused:


I know someone who did that and got some pretty severe injuries.


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Recently I made a home made pizza and while I was taking it out of the oven it fell out of my hands and onto the floor, toppings side down.

I was so utterly destroyed in that moment. The beautiful smell of something you’ve made yourself coming from the oven, now mocking you from the floor. The realisation that not only would you need to make other food plans, that the food on the floor could never be eaten by you. My hunger had peaked in that moment, the ingredients and preparation investing me fully into this pizza being the best thing that could come of it.

Feeling a bit hollow again just thinking about it.


U ok hun?

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Tried to pick up one of the blender blades at the wrong end quite recently. Deep, deep thumb cut, still haven’t got the feeling back in it yet


oh god googling it now i see i’m one of those people who’ve basically done the equivalent of sticking a spoon in a microwave.

microwaving eggs is a disaster best case scenario


Quite horrible anecdote one

someone I worked with in Australia opened a bottle of Passion Pop and the cork hit them in the eye and now he’s blind in it FOREVER. Please aim bottles away from you/at your enemies

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i said keep it light folks



Minor egg related mishap, got a tea egg with some dumplings, bit into it, still had the bloody shell on,didn’t it.*

*It was in a bag and i but into the exposed bit, which is how if failed to realised earlier.

Yet another reason I avoid eggs

I dropped an egg on the floor the other day

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Broke a frozen pizza in half once, which was surprisingly upsetting.

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Here’s another:

I was waiting for a bus a few years ago, and someone in front of me was carrying a bottle of some kind of sparkling wine. They dropped it, the bottle exploded and the cork hit me in the face, cutting my cheek. Quite a small cut but there was loads of blood.


Back in uni I knew nothing about cooking, I’m not much better now, but a little.

I decided to impress my girlfriend at the time, by inviting her over for dinner and cooking her something special.

I didn’t know what the difference between a clove and a bulb of garlic was, so instead of putting one clove, I proceeded to cut up the entire bulb. Only thing was, that took a lot longer than I’d anticipated (I didn’t have a crusher) so by the end of it I was getting sloppy and bits of the garlic skin were in there too. When she arrived, I was still in my dressing gown cursing at the food and explaining that the food took a lot longer to prepare than the recipe said it would.

She only found out what I’d done when she started eating and got hit with an explosion of garlic and noticed some of the skin bits floating in the sauce. When I explained what happened she couldn’t stop laughing. I got a bit annoyed as I didn’t think it was such a silly mistake to make and she placated me by eating it anyway.

By the end, after picking all the skin bits out, our mouths were glowing with garlic tang and our breath could strip wallpaper.