Just had a call from Kevin the gardener BANAL



he does my mums grass and I pay him. £15 front and back, which is a fucking steal. nice guy, too.

anyway, set up online bill payment and forgot about it. he text(ed) me a couple days later to say not received. did it again…again no payment. what the hell. I’ve done this twice now.

called the cunt just now (he called me back) and read out the bank details he wrote on his card. Kevin had given me the wrong number! it started with a 2, not a 3. not my fault, is it. ho ho, how we laughed.

all sorted now!



Weird that you can get through on the phone to someone in jail that easily.


this will mean something to someone, I’m sure!




what happened? you can’t leave us hanging.

did you have to pay again? did you get the money back from the wrong account and pay it in the right one? or did you pay nothing as it was his mistake???


How often is he mowing the lawn?


Kevin, oh Kevin, everyone knew you’d fail at providing Silky with the correct bank account details.


I caqn only assume that the account number I used is not valid with that sort code. money defo ain’t come out of my account


whenever I tell him to. every couple of weeks at the mo. last guy charged £25 for just the front and it wasn’t a great job. no edging done. I asked kev if he’d mind doing the back too (which I usually do) and I’d pay more. he said ‘nah, £15 is fine’

kev is a scouser, btw.


Fairplay, thought you were going to say weekly, in which case, that’s a lot of dollar.


depends on the size of the garden/amount of rainfall, but yeah…I agree in principle with your statement