Just had a conference call and as it finished someone said ‘have a nice weekend everyone’. It’s Tuesday and they’re working tomorrow and Thursday


This is very peculiar behaviour




Yeah, that is peculiar


got some fizzy water on the go here


They’re basically confessing that they’ve clocked off for the week. Report it to their superior.


Agua con gas. Bueno


How much of an impact do you think it would have on the world if the weekend was on Wednesday and Thursday instead? It could either go Monday Tuesday Saturday Sunday Wednesday Thursday Friday or you could just be off on Wednesday and Thursday and in on Saturday and Sunday


sometimes run out of small talk by wednesday and ask people what they’re doing on the weekend
tuesday is early though


Standoff situation in the garden right now


You should have just chuckled and said, “don’t know about you cunto, but it’s still midweek where I am hahaha” and everyone else would have joined in with the laughter.


si senor


have a good christmas dis x


Only 8:26 here. I’ve been up since 3:30. :expressionless:


Crispy Bacon Wheat Crunchies (Grab bag)


Not til 9


My money’s on the lad up top. Strong cat position, that.


The cat up top pissed on the bush and then both wandered away. I guess that’s kind of a victory.


Loathesome behaviour. I bet that person refers to Christmas as crimbo


I’ve blurted stuff like that out on conference calls then you just have to prey they don’t realise who said it.


I think that’s fine. I’ve been wishing people a good/restful break.

Kinda implies like please dont bother emailing me again until next week.


I was hoping to walk my daughter to taekwondo but it’s raining so I’ll take her in the car I think