Just had a minor earthquake here in Melbourne

A bit freaky. Didn’t feel the house floor shaking at all but it’s a wooden single-story affair on stumps so maybe that changes things, but the doors all rattled like mad in the frames and I briefly thought someone was trying to mash in our metal screen door.

Turns out everyone I know around the city felt it.

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Hey Theo

How fucking strange is this, about an hour ago in a whatsapp group I found out that a friend is in Melbourne.

I told her that my sister is also in Melbourne.

Friend asked where sister is based.

Check where they both live and find out about the protests that happened in Melbourne just recently.

Say to friend that I only heard about the protests now - hope you’re ok.

Literally as soon as I’d sent that

My sister casually mentions in the family group that she’d just been in an earthquake!

1 plate fell out of a cupboard - no other damage

Weird as fuck

hope you’re ok!


Few years ago I was doing some temp work in an office about 10 floors up in Wellington NZ and there was a smallish earthquake. Was tidying up the office kitchen, suddenly everything was rattling and rumbling. Took me a few seconds to process what was going on - turned around to see everyone on all fours under their desks just staring at me. Really surreal



We are approximately where I put that red cross

Hope everyone’s okay. It looks like it could have been nasty

Yeah thanks, was weird but just strange at the time. No lasting harm or anything for us.


Yeah I have a video of that from the other side but only as a download from WhatsApp.

FWIW it seems like most people just had a small amount of damage at most. Hopefully that’s a one-off due to an already messed up wall.


Glad you’re alright pal


As ever, I cannot recall who’s in Melbourne. @Roy_Disco and @PaintyCanNed I think. Sure there’s at least one other, maybe @jarvis?

Glad you’re alright and hope your house wasn’t damaged.

I was terrified of the prospect of earthquakes when i was a kid. My parents had been in a big one the year before i was born so i was taught to hide under furniture etc. Unfortunately my dad has no sense of moderation or understanding of how to speak to a child and went right past “teach the children simple safety measures” onto “scare the crap out of them”.

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House copped quite a good shaking

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Glad you’re ok and that it sounds pretty minor.

There was a minor earthquake in Newport in Wales a few years ago. The locals rushed out their homes into the street to find a desolate wasteland, but [insert obvious punchline]


Can report no earthquaking in Brisbane thanks @1101010 hope you guys are all alright down there. Looks like mostly just some relatively minor property damage from my social media feeds?


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Can’t help but wonder how many landlords and the like are going to be booking structural surveys in the hope they can get their old places torn down under insurance and rebuilt as 4 units or whatever.

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Never been in anything even near to this in my life (there was apparently a tremor round my way a few years ago in the middle of the night, blamed on fracking near Blackpool, but I never felt anything) so even the slightest thing like this would freak me the hell out. Glad you’re okay!

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(Glad you’re OK)

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Anyone remember this one?


I remember waking up cos my bed was shaking. Set a reminder on my phone that said “earthquake?” and went back to sleep.


I didn’t feel a thing

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