Just had a minor earthquake here in Melbourne

Pretty sure I recall not noticing that one at all.

Yeah! Remember thinking "this feels exactly like the earthquake simulator at that museum, cool!’


I was a simple teenager at the time. Was sat up alone, a little bit stoned watching TV and thought I was imaging the whole thing. Until, I noticed it’d put the fear of god into the cat.

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This was our Local Earthquake. Remember waking up and thinking a plane had gone over the house really low.

Yeah, it knocked my laptop off the table and broke it. Probably the most damage it caused across the country

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Yes I remember that one, and the 2002 one it mentions at the end of that article and that urbanfox mentions. With the 2002 one I thought at first it was a big lorry going past.

There was also a small one in about 1990 but I didn’t notice it, I think it happened at lunchtime on a school day when we’d been let out into the playing field and so we were probably distracted running around and not near enough to any buildings to notice any shaking.

Cant believe he already has footage from next months quake tbh

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