Just had a non-alcoholic beer with my lunch in the garden

Felt strangely subversive. I’m drinking! During the day on a work day! But I’m in no way inhibited from my work in the afternoon!
I can’t think of any reason why this is a problem and yet it still feels like some kind of slippery slope.
Anyone regularly drink non-alcoholic beer in non-standard beer times and places?


Very nearly had one with my lunch today! Had a diet coke instead.

Fine I reckon

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Yeah I have loads of NA beer at home and will sometimes crack one at midday for lunch. No different then a tea or a coke or anything

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aren’t the majority of na beers isotonic? so they’re actually good for you?

this is what i’ve been telling myself when drinking them while i’m pregs.

I know the feeling. I usually have the NA-beers at standard beer times, shouldn’t really be a problem to have them at other times but my brain flags it up as odd. I do know someone who told me he had an NA-beer in the shower before going to work and he felt like Bukowski or something.

Glad you enjoyed, sounds nice!

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Yknow i resisted having one the other day at lunchtime as it felt too naughty.

Also have a couple of homeemade ice lollies tjat have a tiny bit of tequila in that were hard to resist yesterday when it was boiling

Weird to see how the brain works with stuff like this. Cracking open a 0% non-alcoholic beer whilst driving just sounds absolutely mental to me but in theory perfectly legal.

when i was in the airport in 2019 going to London i was in one of the airport shops to buy something to drink and they had non-alcoholic Heineken sitting right there in among all the soft drinks. considered buying one as a novelty but felt bizarre to be wandering around the airport in the morning drinking a can of beer on my own

i guess the airport bar was full of people so it wouldn’t have been that weird

I’ve been ID’d buying non-alcoholic beer on more than one occasion.

Also, that Erdinger alcohol-free is practically marketed as a health drink - claims of being isotonic and rich in B vitamins and folic acid and that.

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I couldn’t imagine drinking a NA beer while driving, my brain would just reject it. Weird isn’t it?

I hope the Erdinger one is actually good for you, as it’s quite nice.