Just had a quote for airport parking

Holy crap.

Um, anyone got any recommendations for cheap parking near Heathrow??

Park in Milton Keynes and get the train.

fly first class and they’ll send a guy to pick you up from home.


Don’t drive to the airport.


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I’m guessing it’s a bit late for this advice but… book in advance and it’s usually only like £3 a day.

Can you not get the train?

Now I’m getting flashbacks

Don’t park

Just abandon it outside the terminal. I’m sure that’ll go down well.

If you have a crap car that you don’t really mind getting nicked then by all means use google street view to scout out a suitable residential street several miles away to park in. Then get a series of buses from there. This works better at Gatwick though, Heathrow probably will have completely restricted parking within a 100 mile radius or something crazy

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Don’t even put the handbrake on, just walk off


Can I add a miscellaneous parking anecdote? Fuck off, I’m doing it anyway.

When my gf’s friends came to visit the other weekend they paid £9 to rent someone’s parking space so they wouldn’t have to parallel park on the FREE open parking on the street.

After booking it, they read the reviews and they were all negative and said “the person who rents out this space doesn’t actually own it”, then (parallel) parked in the street anyway.

what a funny story!

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Take the National Express

How far in advance do they expect you to book? It’s almost two weeks away. Hmm…that sounds silly written down.

Train might be an option but I’m not sure I fancy shepherding four of us, including two small children and luggage for a fortnight (how many small children do you need for a fortnight etc etc) down to London and back out again on a Friday evening…

I am annoyed at my lack of foresight in this matter!


I meant it as a cautionary tale.

I’m glad my friends’ misfortune is hilarious to you, though. That was £9 they could ill-afford. They’ve got two young children to feed and buy shoes for.

But as long as you got a giggle out of it. That’s way really matters.


Never flown from Heathrow (and I’ve got free parking at work sorted if I ever do), but I normally book about 3 months ahead for Birmingham and a week is about £40. Booked parking at Manchester for May over the weekend and got a reet bargain - £37 for 8 days in the car park that’s like 30 seconds walk from the terminal! Suppose that’s like a week’s wages up there though…

Just dump it in West Drayton and get the train or something.

Just did a quote for a weeks parking at Heathrow in November… £90! JFC!