Just had a vegan curry pizza...

Got to be honest, it was top notch.

Vegan curry :heart_eyes:
Curry pizza :grimacing:
Vegan pizza :poop:
Vegan curry pizza :exploding_head:

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They’ll get to London in a year or two, pal, don’t worry.



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Takeaway frozen one from the Co-Op.


Apparently they ordered a load of haggis pizzas for Burns Night this year and sold approx. 10% of them. Couldn’t give them away.

Is Zad’s good?

Noticed it the other day.

Zaytoon next door’s incredible. Really cosy, great service, huge platters and proper homely food, and not dear.

Good in that it’s all vegan. Only had the pizza before and it’s more like takeaway/junk pizza than stone-baked/Italian pizza. Does the trick but doesn’t compare to Double Zero, tbh.

Haven’t been to Zaytoon but will check it out.

Sorry mate, i’m sure things will pick up.

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haggis pizza is pretty shit tbf

as someone who loves both pizza and haggis

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