Just had a weird dream about cycling

there were loads of DiSers in it, but the only ones I remember are @thewarn , @plasticniki and @rich-t

they had all come down to Dartmoor for a series of races. short races. one mostly uphill. the other downhill.

first race I got stuck between Niki and someone else at the start. stuck as in we didn’t move. she burned off eventually, I had some gear issues and gave up halfway through.

second race I did a bit better. finished about 15th out of 20. warny won this with his descending prowess.

next race was a disaster for me. I couldn’t find my helmet and was too busy thinking about where I lived, as I had invited everyone round to mine after. I asked if I could race with no helmet, but people were getting pissed off that I was delaying the race and basically spoiling it for everyone.

I woke up at this point. no idea as to the result of the last race.

always have the most vivid of jazz dreams in the afternoon

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Thanks Silks


reckon @thewarn could beat @rich-t if it ever came down to it

i would always be last

If it involves a downhill, reckon I’d win. Me and gravity have a pretty good relationship on a descent. Uphill, @thewarn wins every time. I’d even lead him out

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you were way better than me. I hadn’t prepared at all and this arrogance cost me, I can tell you

forgot to say - you and warny were married! you had a couple kids too

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oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddd

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Absolutely zero chance of staying with rich downhill.

Uphill - dunno. I was on a very good day on the DiS bike dorks ride. Wanna test myself on some bigger climbs now…

My wife would smash my face in. I aint no [redacted]

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are threadsmashes a thing again? I tried to like a post and it went all weird

Why are you sleeping during the day?

why not? truth be told, dude - I only get between 5 and 6 hrs sleep at night, so solid 20-30 mins mid afternoon and I’m back to my very best