Just had my first ever chicken tikka curry pizza...

Thought I’d hit an all time low, then that.

Going straight to bed.

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That she wore for the first time today


Donner Kebab pizza is so popular in Spain, they do them in the shops

let it settle at least

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Love a good contemporary pop music reference


Oh yeah!

She was afraid to eat the pizza
She was afraid it would be a fail
She was afraid to eeaaaat the pizza
So she washed it down with an ale


I would like to hear from people who have eaten the chicken tikka in a big Yorkshire pudding ting. You can dm me anonymously if you like.

It’s acceptable to be from Yorkshire nowadays, sadly.

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messing with pizza

  • sacrilegious it must be classic Neapolitan style or its garbage
  • the legacy of pizza is ingrained in capitalism and its changes with migration patterns, to protect only the ‘traditional’ pizzas gives unfair regard to a specific part of italian agriculture and economics
  • Spider-Man 2: The Game Pizza Theme - YouTube

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Just have a quiche. Much better food

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Draw the line at a ‘sweetfellas’ but yeah

You very much strike me as a man who owns at least one gilet.


Had a donner piz in like 2011 or something. Pretty naff

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Nah, they seem illogical. You strike me as man that only owns 5 pairs of pants!

pretty sure I own approximately that many tbh