Just had one of them Double Down Burgers

from KFC


was considering hitting one up. should i hit one up?


How does it compare to the chicken legend?

Was quite nice actually

how were the queues?

Gone off the ol’ legend. Prefer this

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Only two people in front of us. So took five minutes to get served

Would you agree with this headline?

gonna have to pop in the old car and navigate drive-by as it’s about a mile away. If anyone asks, that’s where I’ll be.

I’m not sure I understand the headline.

Also, friendly warning to all - don’t click the link - contains multiple pop-ups and auto play adverts. Horrific website.

i’ve heard about those

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Oops sorry it was fine for me on mobile

(somehow the first Google news result for me when I searched kfc double down)

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how long did your heart stop?

It’s not a burger really is it.

nice though

4.99 isn’t bad is it?

Did you hear about it on…the internet?

Will be walking past a KFC to go to a meeting and 2 and walking back past at 3ish!!!11 I will…probably not bother, it doesn’t have a bun?!


prays for humanity

Huge fan.

Bring Your Own BYOB Bun.

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