Just had one of them Double Down Burgers

I liked that it didn’thave a bun, but it would have been better in a bun and with some spice to it. probably won’t bother again. tune in at some point over the next four and a half week’s for feedback on that Jerk Chicken burger Maccy dodos do.

2 bits of chicken with a bit of bacon between? 4.99?

Would sooner have 10 hot wings and pocket the 4p

I refer my right honorable friend to my previous remarks on the subject of wings.

I stated in that very thread that wings are shit.

KFC hot wings are my exception.

Mine came to 6 pound something - box meal and 2 hot wings.

Oh that’s standard then… What do you get in the box with it?

if there’s no bun

  • it’s a burger
  • it’s not a burger

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Might try this soon, but will ask for a bun too.

They’re okay, not as good as their proper burgers, gave me bad wind.

Large fries, 1pc original recipe, 1side and a drink

Right so its just basically a fried hunters chicken that they have decided to impractically use the chicken to sandwich the cheese and bacon.

That’s alright I suppose. Might give one a go one of the nights next week before work. Probably end up going for the standard boneless banquet with a couple of hot wings though…

Still you feed us lies from the tablecloth ah lala lala la la lala la oooooowoo


wasn’t great to be honest. BBQ sauce is nasty and it steams in the foil so you just end up with a moist mess. better off with a mighty bucket for one IMO

Hope you’re not too…


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Finally had one last night. Was properly gross.

As noted upthread, it was completely soggy because of the steam. It’s not really a burger or sandwich, regardless of buns, as there’s nothing but cheese and BBQ sauce between the two fillets.

KFC chips are terrible too. Chips wise it’s BK > Maccys > KFC.


I’d contest that BK ruined their chips a couple of years ago and they’re now the middle option. Definitely nothing worse than cold KFC fries though.

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Yeah the chips are wank right enough

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the thought of this makes me feel a bit sick tbh

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