Just had one of these


Shared a box with Sam and Lisa at work.

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I see your lightweight ice cream-based snack and raise you this:


Was it good?
I love magnums

Might get a magnum from the shop

We’re a big fan of the vegan Magnums.

This is what we have in at the moment though - they’re really good

Just got these and hadn’t seen this thread

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its annoying that magnum don’t do multipacks of their dark chocolate ones


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this is a vendetta

DO NOT reply to this post saying ‘more like a vienetta’


Looks pretty good

You know me very well my friend


And it was 3 for 90p. Bargs

You couldn’t even get one magnum for 90p nowadays

Did you know the name Haagen Dazs is just made up. Nonsense word that the owner and his family made up around the dinner table as they wanted something that Danish.

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I’ve got a tub of the Jude’s salted caramel in the freezer.

It’s nice but don’t tell anyone but I prefer the Asda Choc Ices that I’m having problems stuffing in the freezer due to the space taken up by the Jude’s ice cream.

Yeah it was great. Thanks for asking @Gnometorious