Just had some jehova's witnesses come to the door

how do you turn people away without being rude and feeling sad about it?

any tips for the future?

“Please come in, you’re late but I have the tea and biscuits ready for your arrival”

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Pretend you don’t understand english

for posterity my answer was “I’m not interested thanks, cheers, thank you” followed by a sympathetic smile.

I don’t know how to be nicer


I like their leaflets. I normally take one, try not to visibly laugh at them like a smug prick too much and then tell them I’m busy.

feel like it could be better

I think you’re being too hard on yourself, that’s a perfectly polite way of declining them. Unless you shouted in an evil banshee voice?

H to the Izz-o, V to the Izz-A


This seems perfect.

I’m not religious at all, so I’ve absolutely no interest, but fair play to them. Seem to put the most effort into recruitment.

Nah you can’t really. It’s not like a sales opportunity, they have basically just Damned you to hell and you’re saying, “nah mates, I’m cool with that”. You can’t really be politer with out engaging with them and confirming their belief that invading your privacy is a good thing.


Just say you’re a baptised Catholic so you’re already saved

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PS I am gay

I find it really hard not signing up to charities. Whilst they’re obviously doing good work, their methods royally piss me off. I don’t want to be rude as they’re nice people, doing something noble, but I hate they way they pounce on and guilt the fuck out of you.

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I heard they aren’t bothered as long as they are seen by god to be putting the hours in, thats why they just stand there holding leaflets and have no sales technique at all

spit in their faces obviously

mam used to make us drop to the floor and crawl away when they came


Works every single time

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I once thought a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses were my mum’s friends (slightly batty looking middle aged women) and invited them in. Fortunately they declined and just gave me a copy of watchtower.

sorry, my mum and dad aren’t in at the moment. Still use this, by the time they’ve looked at me and worked out that I’m approaching my mid 40’s I’ve shut the door.