Just had some water go down the wrong pipe (audit) (rolling)

Time of occurrence: 14:38, Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Which one is the wrong one

the one that makes you choke and splutter instead of going “mmm that’s some lovely water”

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I like it when it goes down the wrong pipe

this is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever said to me


No it isn’t


You’re thinking of ‘up the wrong pipe’.


Yes, yes. I got the Google notification regarding this.

I hope you’re well and things are good. Google notifications don’t cover this aspect of this.

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Had anyone had spaghetti come out of their nose before

  • Yes
  • No

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No but related…when something like watercress or the stringy bit of coriander goes down your throat and you have to pull it out. Good grief, that’s a horrific experience.


When I was a young lad I sneezed and a bit of sausage came out my nose. Found it completely hilarious.

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