Just handed my notice in!



didn’t feel that good really - don’t really liek doing things like that!

new adventures next year! whoop!


Saw thread title, thought to myself: bet that’s budget. YES!

Well done Chris.


cheers dude!


good luck budgie


Nice one pal


Well done! Got anything else lined up? I would love to do that but I have no savings whatsoever. Absolutely sick to the teeth of this job. I’d be quite happy not working at all.


Bring on Chris’ international art empire.


nope - fuck all
by the time i leave i will have been saving up for about a year a half to give myself a cushion whilst i find soem freelance work - have a couple of months now t get my shit together as well!



Also I will prob be in Brighton next week if you & C are around.


oh cool - are you seeing K?


Brave move but probably the right one, well done, and good luck!


Gonna see if she’s free- I bought a Super Furries ticket 6 months ago, and totally forgot about it until it arrived in the post at the weekend. Gig is on Weds, at the same time as Southern Trains being dicks yet again, so I’d have to leave at 10pm to get back to my mum’s place, and the friend I would automatically stay with has just split up with their partner.


If it goes down the pan you can come and work with me! I can’t find anyone at the moment. No need to thank me!


if you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing


thanks balonx! my dad used to work ‘on the ranks’ so i reckon i’d be a natural


sounds fun!


apart from the splitting up / shit trains bit!


Good work - nice one, Mokes.

My manager called my bluff this morning in front of eveyone - obviously bottled it. Would have been awesome.


Maybe he could be your first freelance client, churning out hundreds of hot air balloon images?


ok i have to go do fuck loads of work now! thanks all! :muscle: