Just heard I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas for the first time this year



Think this might be some kind of record to get this close to Christmas without hearing it. Is it played less now?


I’m not even on hearing songs other than stuff that I choose to listen to from my own playlists… book.


Honestly don’t think I’ve heard it yet!

Might dig out the superior Ronan Keating version later.

“You’re cheap and you’re haggard!”


Only time I have heard it when when I phoned someone and they had it on in the background


I’ve heard every Christmas song about 10 times really, had thema ll on repeat (except for Bo Selecta)


We originally had just a shit Irish cover of it on the Christmas playlist at work, but then the original was added to the playlist. I’ve not even been in work that much lately but I’ve heard it at least 50 times :thumbsup:


I’ve become pretty fed up with that Boney M song this year. It’s been everywhere.


I’m getting all my Christmas music (and I listen to quite a bit) via Warm101.3, Rochester NY’s Holiday Gift of Music. Particularly a fan of Tony Infantino’s morning show. 24 hours a day of festive music and inane chat and bizarre adverts. No Fairytale of New York, but lots of this, which is brilliant:


that song is BRILLIANT


She still seems to have a thing for hippos:


Yeah it’s great. I can’t find our copy of Patsy Briscoe’s Christmas Songs which includes a version of this :’(


Did you know she actually got a hippo?




This time next year I’ll agree with you. For now I’m suffering from the effects of overexposure.


just embrace the humming


I’ve heard it twice this morning.

Fuck off Heart FM.


I have never heard this song.
like ever.


Fuck off pal.


I’m not joking


Literally impossible.