Just heard the Snuts and the Lathums for the first time

JFC. God help us all.

They make Mumford and Sons sound like Blanck Mass.

Someone needs to tell the makers of the first two videos the third wasn’t a serious documentary.

Oh, it’s not a Jordo thread

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Haha what would be the short and sweet punchline though?

Its good they gave money to the refugee council though


Shite, but so are/were Los Campesinos. Let them have their fun, I say. Not much for young people to get involved in these days. Good on them.

LATHUMS topo 10 aggressive indie band 2019. THE LADS are set to take 2020’s festival scene BY STORM. Seriously though. it’s nice to hear today’s generic pop dross cut through by some real, sincere, respectful MUSIC for once.

Huge oof and I sincerely apologise, I had no idea about the Snuts track and that the video and lyrics themselves were directly linked to the plight of refugees. The last thing I’d want to be (albeit inadvertently) snarky about. Er, it’s fine having fun about “proper tunes for proper lads” and criticising the music for being generic indie-pop, but disregard any (for want of a far better word) “bantery” sentiments about the good causes in particular please?

Keep this thread going though, both bands would be impressed us Gen Xers and not-far-off-40 early Millennials would even be mentioning them on this forum :smiley:

Snuts are a 5