Just imagine...

you’re at some kind of swanky awards ceremony. At the end of the evening you wait in line to meet some famous old VIP. It’s your turn to shake their hand, so you walk up to them reluctantly.

You go in for the handshake, but at the last minute you instead pluck a shiny new penny from behind their ear instead.

Just imagine that

I thought that won’t be so bad, they might like it, but now I’m imagining this with the one time I met someone famous (George RR Martin at a book signing) and I think it would have been a confusing and upsetting experience for all involved had I tried this


what was george rr martin like?

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For him you could hand it to him then yell, “THERE’S MORE LIKE THAT IF YOU CAN FINISH THE FUCKING BOOKS, GEORGE!”


I met GRRM at a party and he was quite grumpy, can’t imagine a coin trick would’ve gone over well.

He seemed nice and kind, a couple before me were dressed very accurately as robb and catelyn after the red wedding and he did a wolf noise at them and complimented them, and when it was my turn he greeted me warmly and signed my book, and I was a volunteer (this was at a convention) he took a group pic with a bunch of volunteers after the signing. He did it by hand too which must’ve been exhausting, there were so many people

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I wanted to say it :sweat_smile: but I bet he’s heard it all, this was 2014 and little did i know 7 years later its still not out

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Sounds like a gag that they should have kept in in the new film Thunder Force.

A couple of my mates met Terry Pratchett once. Said he was genuinely great. Even though there were loads of people queuing, he still found the time to have a laugh and a joke with them whilst he signed their books


Imagine all the people,
Pulling pennies from behind ears