Just imagined users on here having 'mentors'

Which is a funny thought imo


As in their mentor is another more experienced user on here, offering advice on threads and nurturing their ‘tone of voice’


Community Work
I volunteer regularly at the local dog shelter, and also mentor fledging young forum users because I feel that online posting is a craft to be shared with younger generations. I also donate regularly to Water Aid


A buddy system

A ’don’t know who you are, Pal’ system more like

Job share, where someone else has to set up the HGATAS

I need more positive role models.

Imagine if they were put in a bottle of Diet Coke

Yes please. But I’m very bossy and will only mentor you into beeves.

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Happy to take someone on. Can teach you how to get a merc and fight

Only semibreves, eh?

@iamwiggy #musictheoryjokes #hahahahah

I keep posting shit like this and then realising that I changed my avatar and username within the same week so most people probably don’t know who I am, which I assume makes me look like a really confident newbie/creepy lurker who’s been reading up on all the injokes for ages ew


Oh, awkward. I heard @safebruv is mentoring someone who called you a dickhead…

They unfortunately failed the readiness drills and i fired them

Someone at work who can’t get promoted because they’re a fanny but aren’t self-aware enough to realise they’re a fanny has decided that their new route up the food chain is to be a mentor. From this I have concluded that all mentors are fannies.

I don’t know who you were, pal.

(who were you?)

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Haha yeah I’m making a big assumption there to be fair. FKA_shiggs here, hi.

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got it. :+1:

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Back on the ol’ mute list I go

Unless anyone wants to be my mentor, in which case I will bring cakes

No, I’ll give you a fair hearing.

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