Just listening to The Thrills' first album



15 years hasn’t made me any more nostalgic for this shite.


Regularly bang the big singles on after a night on the beers - great stuff


So much love for this, and for teenager!


Santa Cruz is a right banger


Might actually listen to their albums at some stage. One of the first bands I ever saw, supporting Pixies and RHCP.


I saw em leeda fest 2003 just before mars volta. Odd one two that was


They got put on a lot of lineups thanks to their sheer popularity. A ‘Where are they now?’ article on them would be great.

Incidentally, their first album is found in the CD section of every Irish charity shop.


Yeah i tried looking but couldnt see a lot. First album is a great little throwback summer pop album


Does it still sound as fucking boring now as it did then?


I used to listen to it a lot and I’m ashamed I did so.


Their final album, Teenager, is absolutely brilliant.


Whatever happened to the Thrills?*

*I know, not the first to raise it…


Talking of jangly Irish pop of the early 00s, still got good vague memories of the first hal album. Worried if I re-listen ill discover it was shite though


i always seem to see the second album in every Poundland


Was always confusing when they emerged around the same time as The Kills and The Stills


The singer, Conor Deasy, played at Daylight Music in London in March of this year:


His first solo gig apparently, so there should be some more music to follow at some point. Although my interest in The Thrills wasn’t strong enough for me to go see what he sounded like!


One Horae Town is such a tune


Yup! Couldn’t agree more


Never heard this, gonna give it a go tomorrow.