Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


Which is sad but at least I have some transferable skills.


Tumbleweed GIF


Just lost my job testing treadmills
Which is sad but at least now I can move on


Just lost my job as the CEO of a large firm for mismanaging a series of government public services contracts, which is sad but at least they gave me £2.4 million as a bonus on my last day.



Didn’t know you’d left the old place, pal.

Thought there’d not been much Meal Deal chat of late.

Good luck with the job hunt.


lost my job designing fairgrounds
which is sad but it’s swings and roundabouts innit




should have said playgrounds. fucked it


“Nice Topic”


Lost my skilled and previously stable job in the UK’s declining manufacturing sector, which is sad but at least we have one of Europe’s most flexible labour markets and technically speaking very low rates of unemployment


Lost my job writing footnotes in academic papers
Which is sad but at least I have some good references


Just lost my job working for Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions
Which is sad but at least I made some FRIENDS


Doesn’t like * s between letters hey?


Lost my position down at the carwash
Now my girlfriend says I’m just a sponge


Just lost my job building ornamental fountains and water features
Whatever happened to trickle-down economics


Nobody wants to buy my broken Jack in the Box, which is not at all surprising


just lost my job on the roman historical project, 105

still, I have my CV to fall back on


Quit my job chauffering Burnley centre halves round a NASCAR track.
It was driving mee round the bend


Lost my job in a Genesis covers band.
Just couldn’t Hackett anymore.


Lost my job modelling a wedding gown
This dress was too much