Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


My new tightrope act involves carrying my boss in one hand and my missus in the other.

It’s all about the work-life balance.


Shut it down, mods


this is the best one though


Had to take a break from being a handyman after Belgium’s top action hero scratched through my work vehicle with his bare hands.

Jean clawed van, Damn!


Got a new job where I have to continually chase this guy who’s accidentally got on the bus/arrived at school with only his underwear on or another guy who is just falling and falling. Took a bit of a pay cut but you have to follow your dreams.


I heard @ma0sm’s comedy set is full of this shit.


Forced my boss to sack me after working for a removals company specialising in art work and antiques.

One day I just decided to pack it in.


has done me good and proper :smiley:


Lost my job being heated to the point of incandescence by electrical current.

I was getting burned out.


Quit my job designing experimental polling booths. I mean there’s only so much you can take before you vote with your feet


Genuinely couldn’t be farther from the truth


Just lost my job at a local newspaper typing all the capital letters. It was shift work

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Quit my job as a croupier after cost cutting measures meant the casino was buying smaller and smaller decks of cards. Eventually it was impossible to deal with


I got fired from my weekend job at the ice cream place.

I couldn’t do sundaes.


Even after 30 years service my Mum never made it to senior management in the Conservatory building sector.

That’s the glass ceiling for you I suppose.


just quit my job manufacturing mice; there were too many cliques.


I was really hoping to get a job in the giant propeller factory.

Big fan.


Just quit my job manufacturing cardboard.

The money wasn’t great but it strengthened my CV.


Lost my job at the cattery.

Looks like the cats out of the bag!


after a cursory glance, I decided that a job designing computing interfaces wasn’t for me.