Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


Got made redundant when I finally finished injecting precious metals into water vapour. But I guess every cloud has a silver lining.


I was let go at work, but then I was asked to play the bass drum in a Punjabi band.

I’m on the dhol now.


Lost my job at the Warbutons factory after the Gallagher brothers bought them out. Was sad but I guess you’ve just got to roll with it


Remember when I lost my job as a computer programmer.

Was in bits.


Today’s my last day as a data backup operator, another round of redundancy


The egg factory I work for has been closed down. Turns out it was just a shell corporation


Someone needs to lock this thread


I lost my job as leader of the Third Reich due to a rare speech impediment which rendered me unable to pronounce my own political title whenever I had to name an item of headwear straight afterwards. To be fair they were very understanding with me, it was just never going to work and they gave me a generous severance package. Can’t say Führer then hat.


got sacked from the opticians
but i’ve still got a lot of good contacts


Had to close my start up bakery, just didn’t have the dough.


My botox for 90s Australian tennis players business collapsed without a cash injection


Quit my job as a human cannonball the other day.

Sad, but I was at risk of getting fired anyway.


Best things about this thread
(1) Even Jordo got sick of it
(2) All the “cool” DiSers pretended to hate it at first, then ended up joining in.
(3) You can mute it.


I quit my job trampolining in greenhouses.
I hit the glass ceiling.

or something. fuck off.


See I’ve just started playing the triangle in a reggae band. It’s pretty low key though, I just stand at the back and ting.


Lost my job as a detective after my boss said I was the second least inquisitive person he’d ever met. So that wasn’t very nice.


I had to resign from my job in the lab after an experiment caused me to metamorphose into a single body part each time I run it. Thought I’d better quit while I’m a head.


I built a robot to go to the gym in my place, but the robot didn’t want to go either!

It just wasn’t working out for me.


Was let go at the ketchup factory, they’re saying my job’s being outsourced.


Bit redundant m9!!!