Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


aw fudd


Fucked my three tenor tribute banned audition by borking the vocals, a real missed opera tunity


I’m so happy with this I could die


lost my job as an ice hotel maintenance man on Montana’s Glacier National Park glacier
whole place got liquidated


My partner got me a job deciphering ancient languages. Said they’d always fancied going out with a man in cuneiform.


pfft you’ve nicked this


Shhhh :wink:


Been demoted from my job at the goat-farm. Only get to work in the goat-nursery now.

To be fair I don’t mind too much: I actually wanted to spend more time with my kids.


Hundreds getting the sack at Legoland, they’re just crazy for downsizing (sorry this one’s a bit Theo, so spar)



Might meme the heck out of this


Kept asking my boss if I could borrow one of his Chinese board games so he decided to let me go


^Made redundant


Thought my new job as a crash test dummy was going fine, until one of my colleagues threw me under the bus.


Lost my job as storage manager for the insect research lab. Guess I just wasn’t ticking the right boxes.


Lost my job at Hever Castle re-enacting medieval jousting tournaments, now i’m freelancing.


They hired a replacement for me at the weather station. Really stole my thunder.


Lost my job as a joiner, now I just can’t make ends meet


Got hired by the bloke down the road who makes his own soft drinks. It takes two to tango


Lost my job for not fire-bombing river crossings,

Which is sad, but I didn’t burn my bridges.


I’m a fisherman and i just terminated my contact with a corporate manufacturer of fish and seafood products -who happen to have a very sexist hiring policy.

I didn’t want to sell my sole to the man.