Just lost my job designing temporary tattoos


Lost my job as the paramedic at a Texas rodeo but whatever, it was a total cowboy operation.


Resigned from my position at the big empty warehouse, there was nothing in it for me.


When I got fired from my job setting up safety nets it really caught me by surprise


I left my position at the fishmongers and now they’re looking for someone to fillet


I just got let go from my job. They gave me Jimi Hendrix’s backing band as severance. I told them I’m sad to go but I’m grateful for the Experience.


Left my job installing fibre optic cables, but at least I have a good network


Mass redundancies at the Danish toy building block company.

The entire workforce was Lego.


cant wait for someone to turn this into a book like the im an office worker thread


got fired from the blue paint factory for contaminating the product
I was caught with my hand in the teal


I’ve been scrolling past this thread for ages. Finally clicked it and wasn’t disappointed

Probably won’t bother reading the rest of the discussion tbh


I used to have a job working in penetration-testing, but I couldn’t hack it.


I was fired as leader of the London symphony orchestra, for using my penis instead of a wand.

They said it was gross misconduct.


Best one in this thread


lol ‘wand’


Haha. It’s baton isn’t it?


I had to leave my job at the knife testing company due to cuts


No longer employed by a group who go to parties dressed as avril lavigne albums

I was let go


Jesus Christ


I was sacked as a member of a New Jersey indie rock band.
“Are Yo Le Tengo of me?” I asked.


Didn’t last long in my job describing Avril Lavigne songs as I didn’t understand what I was meant to be doing.

It’s complicated