Just made a grilled cheese sandwich

I put butter on one side of each , grilled them, then put queso in between and made a sandwich, then buttered both sides and grilled for a minute.
Meant the cheese had melted but not too much


Did you use plastic cheese or normal cheese?

Apparently you should ‘butter’ the outside with mayo. I’ve yet to try it

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Gonna put peanut butter in there as well?

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Maybe a little marmite too

Too far

I don’t like mayo champ

slice of sainos mature cheddar

correct method

Whoa, game changer, grilling the inner bread!


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throw some tomato and bacon in there next time, chefs kiss

Mayo one side of bread, put it mayo side down in pan.

Place cheese on top.

Add second slice of bread, mayo side up.


Wait till nice and golden on bottom and flip.

Cook that side till golden and cheese is melty.


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If you don’t have any mayo, can you use salad cream?

I don’t think mayo makes much of a flavour difference to butter, probably has less flavour if anything, but it’s less greasy and so much easier to spread so I prefer it.

Honestly, I’d give it a shot. It might add a welcome tang.

Just remembered I’ve got no cheese. Ffs.

Pfft. I’m gonna do it and it’s going to be delicious.

much like tazos and pogs i had resigned daft peanut butter applications as a fad from the past dreamed up by that absolute space cadet @Aggpass
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Peanut butter goes under the cheese on cheese on toast, it doesn’t appear in a grilled cheese sandwich. Regards

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