Just made a meatball curry...

Load o’ beef meatballs, jar of curry sauce, packet of vegetable rice.

£2.96 for the lot.




My favourite dinner from before I learned how to cook properly was chicken thigh cubed and browned off in oil. Then simmered down in a jar of Sharwood’s Tikka Masala curry sauce, and served over a bed of oven french fries.

Genuinely think that the majority of cuisine I’ve eaten in high end restaurants doesn’t top it.


This isn’t cooking properly?

Good point.

I should have said “before I learned how to prepare, from scratch, more than one ingredient”.

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Used to do the same thing but with yeungs curry sauce powder. Disgusting and glorious… need to make again.

Know-all comment:
make your own curry sauce pal, tweak the spices, save cash, tastes better etc.

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I don’t know what that is but it sounds absolutely marvellous.

Think of your typical chinese take out / chip shop style curry sauce.

Don’t know whether this thread is a boast or a cry for help.


Could integrate that instead of Sharwood’s into the plan, but only if I add the HUGE chunks of onion that are the mark of a Chinese curry.

A nice/gross thing I used to make was cold roast potatoes cut in half with a dollop of peanut butter and cheddar on top melted in the microwave. Salad cream on the side, glass of milk. Happy Sunday night everyone

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You’ve just reminded me I used to really enjoy a jarred curry sauce I bought in my local co-op when I lived in London.
I think it was Tikka but I’m not sure what brand.
I really fancy it now.
Used to have it with chicken breasts and rice or a baked potato. I really fancy both a jarred curry and a baked potato (separately) now.
I hope this post has enriched your life.

My flatmate at uni used to eat plain pasta with chicken dippers and ketchup

Knew another guy who ‘invented’ pizza burritos whereby you put anything carby in the middle of a pizza, roll the pizza up like a burrito around it, and voila

100% m8, get it dealt with. Might do the same.

Am hungry now lads.

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Cheaper than 50p a jar?

Doubt it, PAL.

Served on a bed of chips? You certainly talk the talk :+1:

True cuz.
I can get a massive bag of tumeric for 80p, which will last months

So what you’re saying is spend about £12 on ingredients now and if you eat curry twice a week every week for a year by the end if it you’d have saved 10p a dish.

I’ll leave it, bud.