Just made the most disappointing pasta of all time...

Yeah, so “says a Smee” :joy:

What is a “sesame” anyway? One of those things that there are only seeds for but the seeds don’t grow into anything

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RIP Mitch


Not entirely sure mate, I think its a flowering plant in the genus Sesam, also called benne I seem to recall. Don’t quote me but I believe numerous wild relatives occur in Africa and a smaller number in India.

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Wow! Impressive knowledge!

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Where was this scorcher of a take in my less-than successful ‘oils’ thread?

Probably I hadn’t thought of it yet

Quite like garlic infused olive oil

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Sesame oil is great for scrambled eggs. Gives it a bit of a fu yung taste.

Only just got this

I sometimes wonder if I belong on DiS. I have a very unrefined palate

Pretty good eh

Yeah very good


Thank you. Please enjoy your day.

Odd that… Swiss-Chinese fried pasta is usually a winner.



Where did you shop? Fortnum and Mason?

thats Booths for you

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Really confused about this recipe.


How do you get the sesame oil in the toaster?

Mistake number 1.

Home-made > Decent dried pasta > fresh pasta > cheap dried pasta