Just noticed something that men look really naff doing and women look really cool



Don’t know why




Wearing a football shirt, socks and nothing else


Also no one looks cool vaping it is for squares


No one looks cool vapng



Yeah I’m a pretty heavy user of the old e-cigarettes and can confirm it is the preserve of absolute losers.


My brother can talk for hours about different kinds of vapers, as does so, so I’m in complete agreement.


The thing is, vaping (if you want to call it that) is a genuinely incredible development. But as usual the combination of men and technology ends up ruining it for everyone.


Using one to help me quit smoking, so

Smoke-free > looking cool


Yeah that’s fine. As long as everyone’s on the same page that it looks painfully uncool and a anyone having a conversation about vape liquids in public ought to be sent to the gulag


men are from Mars, women are from vapors


Oh yeah. Really hate the ‘vape culture’. Load of neckbeards.


Its scraping the barrel to make into culture isnt it?
I smoking marketing big wig said things like vaping would never kick off like cigarettes as it hasn’t got the rebellion/taboo related to it, but its definitely done reasonably well.


Are all the vaping shops just drug/money laundering fronts or something? There’s no way that the demand exists for them.


Nothing sadder than a man vaping at a gig thinking he’s cool and rebellious. Everyone thinks you’re an arsehole.


I have always thought that about the amount of barbers there are but this makes perfect sense for the vape shops too.



Definitely with barbers. Along one stretch of road in Nottingham there are 9 barbers.

There’s no fucking way there’s enough demand for that.


I just gave up cold turkey because I hate myself/am cool