Just off to the shop

Giving you a fiver each, what you getting?

Before some Terry Try Hard says ‘what kind of shop hahaha’, you know exactly what kind of shop.


2x veggie Samosa
packet of McCoys C&O
can of diet coke


Jumbo sausage roll
Pickled onion monster munch
Double Decker
Can of Irn Bru

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2 X pizza & 4 pack of San mig (Co-op)


Pot noodle (chicken and mushroom), 500ml bottle of irn bru, chunky kit kat, just put the change in the tin mate, cheers

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The offer has sadly finished.

1 x 5 piece masonry drill bit set please. And you can keep the change

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Oh. Then I’ll keep the money thanks

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Bnut squash
Haricot beans
A beer

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7up zero, can

chicken fillet roll, jalapenos, lettuce, mayo
(cut in half)

really tempted to go and get this now

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What kind of shop

Can of coke
Chilli heatwave Doritos
Dark chocolate of some kind, Fry’s mint thing if they have it

I just got paid and might do exactly this

  • peanut flavour crisps
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Going down to One Stop, going to have myself a time

Pack of peanuts
Diet coke
Cherry bakewells
Bag of apples

4x guinness, and depending on the change maybe some crisps, otherwise chazza bucket WHICH IS V IMPORTANT TO ME


Dunno bit passed off Ribena isn’t as good anymore though.

Garlic purée- bout 69p isn’t it?
Loaf- call it £1.50
Carton of tomatoes- 89p?
Mushrooms- £1
Spinach if they have it but they never do

Basically if you could do a top up shop for me that’d be much appreciated


I’m alright for now thanks actually. Maybe just a fancy £5 scratchy?

I need sink unblocker and some plumbing tape. Kitchen sink is blocked and shower head is leaking. Don’t let me down @anon19035908!