Just one singer

I might be wrong, but I don’t think The Smiths ever recorded anything featuring any vocalist besides He Who Shall Not Be Named.

There was the single with Sandie Shaw, but it wasn’t credited as a Smiths record so it doesn’t really count.

There are lots of other voices on Smiths songs, but mainly from samples, which I don’t think should count, so yes, I think they’re a goer

I think The Smiths match the requirements of the thread, I didn’t nominate them only because theirs is quite a small discography.

They are unusual in that they very, very rarely even had any backing vocals. The most prominent backing vocals on a Smiths song are in Bigmouth Strikes Again - credited to ‘Ann Coates’ but actually Morrissey’s own voice speeded up.


Still absolutely convinced that the distorted voice at the very start of that album says ‘Robert Peston’.

Roxy Music
Simple Minds
The Cure?? (my knowledge of them isn’t particularly comprehensive)
Siouxsie And The Banshees
Killing Joke

John Frusciante sings the chorus on Dosed (one of their only good songs)

Marianne Faithfull did guest vocals on The Memory Remains.

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Huey Lewis and the News

This game is really difficult

think pepper keenan does a verse on their version of tuesday’s gone on garage inc

If we’re excluding backing vocals what about Modest Mouse? They did that song with 767hero but that was a collab and not cannon. Does that count?

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I think Doug sings on every Built to Spill song?

Taking things in the complete opposite direction, but a bit of trivia for a Sunday evening:

Who is the only UK band to have three number one singles with a different lead vocalist on each?

My first thought was The Beatles, but Something (the only single sung by George) went to number one everywhere else (including the US) but not in the UK (which I assume you mean),

I’ll have to think again.

If you include bands that have ‘feat’ singers then I think Clean Bandit qualify. Tragically they have had four UK number ones, each with a different featured vocalist.

Nicolas Anelka.


It’s not The Beatles, and surprisingly it’s not an act/producer that features guest vocalists. All three members of the band are/were full-timers.