Just popped back over the to the old forum and realised how much nicer the atmosphere is here


I instantly felt like everyone was sneering at me and all I wanted to do was sneer at other people. This new forum is great.


Has it gone properly Lord of the Flies over there yet?


i’ve never read that book so i don’t know. fuck off


be nice, now


Educate yourself you fucking idiot!


i should never have gone back there


does seem as if migrating to a new forum has sort of energized folks a bit. Perhaps we should do it once every couple of years.


Wonder if it’s because the avatars make it seem like people rather than faceless internet beasts?


I like your name on here sean (not the sean bit, the other bit)


I post here to get away from people, Sean.


It’s because the lack of nested replies reduces visibility of posts that are part of a big conversation. Both your posts and those of others feel less significant.

Would post a lot more about this but it would be wanky discourse analysis and cba.


Also the automatic refresh makes it feel more conversational. It’s less like you’re setting out your position on a topic or w/e


I might pop over at some point just to say goodbye for the last time. Nothing dramatic or anything. Just shake a few hands and wish them well in their endeavours (took 4 attempts to spell that).

I won’t mean it of course. They’re awful. We should close of new registrations now that the good ones (and marckee) have migrated.


what’s ohgood gonna do now? reckon he’s too embarrassed to show his face here after his recent behaviour


sorry Smee but it’s exactly the same.


yeah the lack of nested replies makes it a lot less aggressive cause your eye isnt drawn to a disagreement. i think the process of seeing people in a slightly new context and also considering who might be new might prompt us to be nicer too. also cause darwindude stopped posting.


it’s like being on holiday with your workmates


drownedinsound hasn’t been aggressive for ages anyway.


nobody’s even disagreed about anything on here yet or made nasty personal remarks to other users


just started a thread and i don’t even mind if nobody replies cos we all love eachother don’t we