Just put "hope you had a good period" at the beginning of an email to a female colleague






Yeah, that’s completely inappropriate mate, the fuck is wrong with you?


i meant it as in Christmas/NY period. I realise and realised that this is not a common phrase but I didn’t realise the much much more obvious meaning until just after i sent it


are they American? The only reason I would say hope you had a good NY period is if I was American, or they were*

*and even then I still wouldn’t say it.


to be completely honest xylo I didn’t send the email as I realised before I hit send


So this was just to elicit some sniggers?

frowns sternly and shakes head


Festive period, Smee. Festive period.







Impossible to watch that without doing his voice




I realised that the person who interviewed me for my new job, who will be my boss, has been able to see my Gmail icon the whole time. That icon is this:


new boss - https://imgflip.com/s/meme/I-Should-Buy-A-Boat-Cat.jpg