Just put in my notice without another job to go to

Had to be done tho. Feel weirdly unafraid. Almost delighted. Feel like PUMPIN UP THE VOLUME.

You done anything stupidly reckless/awesomely inspired recently?


My gf has just done this also, I’m anticipating a stressful few weeks…

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I did that as well. It was a great decision

my current job has been an unusually long booking so i put looking for my next job to the back of my mind and now i realised it ends in two weeks. gotta get busy.

p.s. good luck!

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Mine too. 2 month notice period, so plenty of time to sort something else in theory…

Yeah I got the TV’s blessing otherwise no way would I have done it. We’re expecting stress so might be pleasantly surprised instead.

Thank you sir fourth. I’ll let you all work at my start up if I end up founding a tech giant.

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Done this so many times and the cycle always goes thus: minor uplift having so much more freedom, deciding I need to relax and not do anything for a bit, crippling anxiety about finding something quickly, self esteem erodes to nothing and I collapse and get another shit job. Rinse, repeat.
Just get some ideas down quickish is my advice :smiley:

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good luck man, never been in a job I hated so much to do it but nuff respect.

last night at 5 a side I took a shot from my own area. thought about how it was the most reckless thing I’d done in weeks as the balled sailed not only over the keeper and the bar but also the 10 ft chain link fence


Nice, I have done this a few times.

Am now really, really good at interviews.


Performed on purpose badly at an interview to avoid getting a promotion at work. A lot of responsibility and shit to deal with for an extra £3 A day.


Yeah just figure I need to smash job applications, stay focussed. I used to do it all the time in my early 20s and go through the same cycle. It’s the first time I’ve taken this kind of risk in years. Think I’m more of a grown up now, we’ll see anyway…

:joy: Dicknibbler

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i did this 2 years ago. then i got incredibly lazy and didn’t get a job for quite a while. ended up being stressful in itself from having my mum nagging at me (goodheartedly) and trying to avoid the subject with friends. a lot less stressful than work had been though.

i’m now in a job that i mostly don’t really mind, for the first time ever, which is a nice change.

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This is it, a job that’s just meh is infinitely preferable to a shit show.

Have you started stealing stuff from the office yet?


Did she not get the school job in [i’m so sorry but i’ve forgotten what part of africa it is you’re proper into and i dont want to seem racist by saying any other one. I want to say Uganda?]

(Uganda is correct)

She interviewed and didn’t particularly like the specific school so that’s that put off for now, might come back up again, we’ll see.

She’s just looking for London based schools now, we’ll move somewhere near wherever she ends up.


Oh that’s a shame/a blessing?
Did you fake disappointment well?

Good luck to her. Should be alright.


Aiming to lift a disposable stethoscope from a stock room in one of the disused wards at some point. They’ve just been left there to rot so seems fair. Too dusty to use in a clinical environment now so they are all getting binned pretty soon.

Have to weigh the ethics of owt bigger than a stapler with it being the NHS. Maybe a hole punch?