Just put in my notice without another job to go to

Would also love to do this. I know the GF would be supportive at first but then we’d both quickly start panicking.

Working here makes me so miserable at times, but there’s always just enough of a light at the end of the tunnel that I think it’s worth holding out for. Maybe my employers are just really good at dangling carrots.

think I’m doing this next week. Still waiting to here back from a paid training scheme I’ve applied for (should hear next week), but if I don’t get further in that then I’m almost certainly moving to Spain in September. sent out a tonne of enquiries about assistant teaching positions at schools but could probably do remote work similar to stuff I already do.

fuck careers.


i’ve not worked my notice before, asked my manager about it and he said “well technically we can’t make you”.

also once you’ve handed your notice in you can just coast without fear of repurcussions

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Just refuse the interview?

On tenterhooks here man



:crystal_ball: My reply is no


I just got a rejection for a job I really wanted and on paper was perfect for. I have 6 weeks left at my current place so I am really starting to panic. :frowning:

Did you manage to get something else dingers?

I did! I start Monday! Thank you :relaxed:


I’ve been thinking about doing this for ages, but my parents keep hassling me to stay and try and find another job while I’ve got one (partly for money reasons, partly because SUPPOSEDLY you’re more employable when you already have a job. I seem to be mostly unemployable regardless of my circumstances though), but it’s getting more and more tempting. the only thing that’s stopping me is my complete lack of success in finding another job over the last 6+ months :confused:

my 0 hrs contract says my notice period is 6 weeks (2 weeks longer than any of the managers…!!) but I negotiated it down to 4. in any case, because of the nature of the contract, I can just quit whenever really… it would royally irk them but :tipping_hand_woman: . what should I do, lads? reeeeeally wish I’d applied for some uni courses or summer schools a few months back and done that. or saved up so I could go travelling. or was just better at finding/getting jobs, lol.

  • Walk on the wild side - quit the shitty retail job, apply for more jobs and hope for the best
  • Mum and Dad know best - tough out the shitty retail job until you get a job offer

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Job hunting is often a war of attrition - I applied for about three a week for around a year when I last worked in retail. Keep plugging away, keep asking for feedback and use it to run faster tomorrow.

It is better to have money than not, especially if you live at home. No job is actually worth the salary but being able to afford a pint every so often is nice.*

*and generally better for your MH if you’ve got structure to your week.

Did This once and couldn’t get another job.

I’m 0 hours so have no structure as it is :frowning:

My job has been negatively impacting on my MH for a while, but especially since this: Wednesday (2017-08-30) Crating Your Stuff Off For Australia Thread - #34 by TheBarbieMovie2023. I did put some issues about the process to my manager in a follow-up talk (I am being ‘monitored’ for the rest of the month even though most of the things I was criticised for were minor one-off things). it cleared the air a bit but I feel so much resentment and anger and lethargy. that said, I was also miserable last year when I was looking for any source of income.

I did think about leaving that bit off.

When I had my year out of teaching properly, I had a three month period of waiting for supply work every morning which never arrived and then a four month period of applying for jobs I wasn’t really suited for while working in the bookies. I drank more than was healthy because night shifts and unsatisfactory work do that to you.

The five months after that, I got serious about jobs and set up a system of checking obvious and not so obvious places for work I wanted to do, and applied like a motherfucker. Eventually some of them interviewed me, so I reused those personal statements allowing me to cut my per app time down. It still took four months before I actually got the job I liked which indirectly led to the one I currently do.

tl;dr - it’s a shit business but the way to beat it is either be very lucky or work very hard (or combinations thereof.)

I’d definitely quit, but there’s also no way I’d take my advice on any matters relating to employment, or really, come to think of it, anything at all

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I find it always helps having a job to find another one somehow. Just makes you seem more in demand. It’s like how more people fancy you when you’re unavailable. Just sod’s law innit.

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