Just read a thing in the paper about the new harry potter film without yer man harry potter


this is massively appreciated theo :heart:




Inception is fucking great.

Doctor Strange is down near the very bottom of the Marvel films pile along with Thor 2 and Age of Ultron etc


Good films don’t require an hour of one character explaining what the fuck the film’s about to another character


Well Inception doesn’t have that but I take your point re Doctor Strange


Can I blow your mind?

I’ve never seen doctor strange


My joke works regardless I think :wink:


Some strong posting ITT.


They purport to be set in the 90s and yet in the third one someone’s playing Hard Fi

I hope someone got fired for that blunder


Solution: people looked older in the past, like when you’re watching some film from the 60s and there’s a bloke in his 20s with a proper craggy face poised in a permanent expression of world weariness


Guys, I’ve never even been on Potterbook.


I think all music released on major labels, all films released by major studios, all books published by major publishers, all historic fine art backed by wealthy benefactors, is morally and artistically bankrupt


that’s the spirit!


oh we all think this now


Not sure if you’ve seen the first one but

After all the crazy goings on they wipe their memories in a similar fashion to MiB


How convenient :slight_smile:




And I wrote this

Before I even got to this horrendous abuse of power.


Would watch