Just realised how people sometimes come off mute on calls

I just did it for a split second.

It’s when you’re in a call but you have your sound muted because the person speaking has an annoying voice, then you notice the speaker changes, so want to start listening again. You look at the screen and see the Mic symbol with a line through it so instinctively press it to hear everything again. BIG MISTAKE! YOU’VE COME OFF MUTE!


I can confirm I have done this before.

I just did it as well!!

they heard me sniffing and typing. Lucky them!

I never go on mute. People need to hear what I have to say. And also what telly I’m watching.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this.


She’s kicked him out!

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You’re off mute Rashy!

you mute your audio on a teams/zoom/whatever? Why not just leave the call? Am I understanding right?


I recently muted myself so i could shout at M and her friends. Had just pressed mute on my laptop not muted my mic.

I do this because I ‘‘need’’ to be on the call but don’t need to be on the call

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Pretty standard practice in my work, especially if you have a lot of people on the call. If there are ten or more people on the odds are someone is going to have some background noise. Definitely works better for people to stay on mute until they have something to say.

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Oh yeah I know about muting your mic, obviously that’s just good etiquette to do when you aren’t speaking, but it sounds like bs is saying he turns the sound coming out of the computer off. Which is crazy to me.


Oh yeah I had only read the title, not the original post. That’s not normal.

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If I muted the sound whenever someone was annoying me then I might as well not go to the meeting. So I do that a lot instead

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Zero replies to this thread? Deserved more imo


Just when I’m in meetings that have about 80 people in that are basically nothing to do with me/higher up stuff but it’s good to still be seen on the list as a participant. That’s when I sometimes mute it. Did it today because someone kept saying “erm” every other word which I normally don’t mind but this time it really annoyed me.