Just realised its been five years to the day since anyone last ate a cronut


Glad we’re well and truly over that


reckon they should call them…cronuts 2


I had a knock off cronut at some point (think they called it a crodough or something)

it was fine, but not worth queuing up for (I din’t queue up for it)

might go to gregs and get a normal doughnut now


I was thinking of berliners earlier.


Had one from Greggs about three or four years ago. It was fine. No queue, but was a quid which seemed a lot in said discount bakery.


waitrose do a “berliner” doughnut which is pretty nice. I get them fairly frequently


yes! that’s the specific Berliner I’m thinking of tbh


although I’d normally go for a butterscotch pecan yum yum of course.


oooo are they good? I’ve eyed them up but never had one


so, so good. My no.1 waitrose product.


Cronuts are delicious. Not sure what more there is to add.


Still selling them down here:


And here, in one of my finest photographic moments, is a cronut at the doughnut sculpture in Brighton (taken in October 2013, so technically less than five years ago):