Just realised I've never never made a sauce for meat

Tell me a sauce I should make. For meat.



meat sauce

Sounds hanging, but i sometimes get oyster sauce and fish sauce, mix in some brown sugar and some very finely chopped spring onions and ginger, work into the meat, beef particularly but works with chicken and pork, leave in the fridge for twelve hours or so, cook. Can put marmalade in instead of sugar.

More of a marinade admittedly, #MY_MATE.

parsley sauce for a nice piece of gammon.

béarnaise sauce for a bit of cow

Any particular meat?

Ketchup for some steak wraps

Let’s go with steak rob

No need for sauce with steak imo.

butter is the best sauce

What meat you got lad?

If it’s chicken then I wholeheartedly recommend my jerk


Yeah usually agree. Thought I’d give it a go though