just reassure me a bit

Yeah, you’d think that wouldn’t you

like i’m literally feeling that good vibe right now.

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PC, Cloud and external drive

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i knew you’d be fine but it’s nice to read it nonetheless

did I reassure you a bit, or a lot?

Really wanna know what important files you all have tbh

swappble sata drives + dropbox



you’ve over-reassured if anything, but i can use that as credit in future

wipes tear from eye

that’ll do, pig

got into swappable sata myself. it’s so pleasingly tidy

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Okay, I’ll stop backing up onto my external drive, just so that I hit that sweet spot of appropriate reassurance.

dropbox for important docs etc, external hd for the music collection.

should probably consider backing up my photos too

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never back up, never back down


oof. i’ll shout you when we’re at a happy parity

i can’t endorse it but i love the pizazz


I’ve lost two albums through not backing up stuff on a PC, nothing left to lose

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Have a bang on that

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Got one external backup drive, got some stuff backed up on Dropbox but have been meaning to set up a full Cloud mirror of the backup drive.

Got a sweet hard drive situation now on the ol’ rig. 250 GB SSD for OS + some stuff. 500 GB M.2 SSD for games. 2 TB HDD for storage. External 500 GB SSD for backups.

Feels good.


keep going

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At work though, fuck it, if OneDrive dies then so do I. Back up my own stuff about once a year, but really it’s nothing I can’t afford to lose.

Also according to the SOPs that I definitely follow to the letter and not just when I can be arsed, all case files are in the document management system in both PDF and Word formats anyway. Definitely. Definitely.

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