just reassure me a bit

I’m running out of slots

aren’t we all man

Wise move

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backing up work shit

  • yes
  • LOL no
  • not on workbook

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If it’s going to inconvenience me to lose it? Sure. If it’s only going to inconvenience other people? Fuck 'em.

N/a, remote working, shared drives

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Laptop, external HDs, NAS and cloud. The only thing I’d be really gutted about losing is my photos, and certain personal work things that I’d need when I come to look for a new job or if I’d lose a client/money if they disappeared, so they get backed up to external HDs and cloud every few days.

Stuff like music and films - not too fussed if I lose them, and too expensive to keep a load of huge movie files in cloud storage.

Nearly lost all my work files because IT made a folder on my laptop called OneDrive that was… just a local folder called OneDrive.

Had to go rescue the laptop from the shredding pile after getting my new one to get my files back. Fun day.

N/A. On workbook, but nothing to back up.

However, if I open the wrong valve I’ll flush 13,000 litres of freshly made wash down the drain.

Photos and music are the only things I backup (mainly the music because I haven’t switched to a streaming music because there is probably a quarter of the music that I have that isn’t on streaming services).

Haven’t got any files, let alone important ones.

What if I’m not?

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I backup to the fucking cloud but don’t bother with external HDD any more. Maybe I should

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HAH. nice try. i know you are.

maybe you should

How are you getting a clean finish on your metalwork without any files at all?

But what if I wasn’t Xylo? what then?


You’re better than this, Zeal.

if dropbox disappeared overnight

  • :smirk:
  • :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:
  • :grimacing:
  • :skull:

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there’s some stuff that i def need to move to my real drives in terms of most recent versions. especially songs

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