Just remembered on the flight back from Budapest they said there were no peanuts on the flight and asked us not to eat peanuts

because someone on the flight had a peanut allergy.

Makes sense really.

is this a Kozelek lyric


Someone should tell Charles Schultz that he csnt control how the public receives his art


Can’t be too careful with these things can you?

Might be a thread in that actually - things you can’t be too careful with.

Someone brought a cat on a flight we were on once. I thought to myself, “what if someone was allergic to cats?”

My mother in law thought the right to bring a cat on a flight was more important than the right to be able to have a cat allergy and fly comfortably

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Hmm, that is a quandary

I don’t see how a cat can afford a plane ticket

I noticed a sign on the front door of lidl the other day that said something like ‘warning this store might contain open nuts’

Never seen that before