Just remembered that video

where some girl opens some old tin of spaghetti or something and rubs it on her t-shirt. Like an art thing.

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Threads you know who started


It’s some sort of performance in an art school or something, people are watching. She takes ages opening the tin with a tin opener. Think she also spells out a word with the contents of the can.

  • I remember this
  • Fuck are you on about

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Loads of people standing around. Really awkward?


This is it.

Interior Semiotics. As soon as I saw that title I knew that was it. It’s even more awkward than I remember.

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this is so 2010.

Performed on March 27, 2010 at Forever (21). Pizza Slut.

I’d love to recreate it in front of a load of people who didn’t know what it was

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I can’t believe how much of the video is the audience. I had pretty much no memory of the audience and its like 90% of it.

the audience is what makes it awkward

Dunno if it’s just the way the colours look on the camera but the spaghetti doesn’t look nice at all

WEDDING VIDEO?! Hero of the piece