Just remembered the clocks change tonight

Our Aus kitchen is very basic.

But in truth I prefer not having to change anything. Massive pain.

This I can agree with

I can’t get my head around it. Did it suddenly get later a lot faster? or was i not paying attention and it’s just later. It seems later than it should be. Or will it get earlier soon?

My brother changed all of the clocks in the house.

He put them an hour forwards :woman_facepalming:


What’s the time now

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  • I still check the time to see if my phone/tablet etc has automatically changed or not
  • What the fuck is wrong with you, are you Jim Corr?!?

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08:39 now

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I’m flying to Switzerland today so I’m getting that hour taken away from me again, very cruel

You would think putting the clocks back would mean like 11 is 12 wouldn’t you?

Like 12 is an hour back (away) from 11 and 10 is an hour forward (closer).

Doesn’t make any sense does it

I worked in a place that maintained UTC all year round. Even the wall clock in my office.

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I don’t actually speak like that

So it’s 08:55 now but on the sly it’s really 09:55

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No you’re not. They changed here this morning too.

Edit: d’oh! Got it now.

Yeah but how can you make time


Same, thought it had happened last weekend tbh.

All clocks in this household change automatically. But if I went to bed at midnight last night and got up at half past eight this morning, for how long did I actually stay in bed?

Not as long as you would’ve liked?

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Just done the oven. The right hand button pops out and becomes a dial, and you just need to press the left hand button three times until the numbers start flashing. No muss, no fuss.