Just remembered this

still pretty amazing tbh

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Completely forgot about this, and with good reason!


“Ronan Keating speaks to me on a level no band can”

He shays it besht when he shays nothing at all.

First time seeing this, she just seems like a normal teenager tbf

With a mansion

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Urgh, I have no desire to read the original DiS thread on this.

Remember Indie Emily from Big Brother who was racist?

‘There’s a new wave of music sweeping the nation and it’s called indie’.

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I don’t. I reckon I could name around 15 all-time (non-celebrity) big brother contestants, but that’s a different thread for a different day

Someone should do one of these for Balonz

Hmm, the original thread seems to have disappeared. Probably for the best.

No, it’s here:

Oh good.

It’s from just before I started posting on here.

thanks for that information

Haha!! What is this madness? She is a legend. That hair!!

I switched it off half way and now I keep on catching myself absentmindedly singing Golden Touch. Aye, it’s a catchy one.

It’s so much worse than I remember. The cringe… it burns.

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Far too long, far too smug. Managed about 2 scrolls down.

That’s for the best.

she’s a blogger/youtuber now.

can’t believe she’s getting away with it when she’s a) a racist and b) that time athene said she was a bitch to her in american apparel