Just remembered when I was 16 and writing for Sandman Magazine I said this guy would be the next Jeff Buckley

After seeing him at the town mill in Mansfield supporting Thee Unstrung.

What an idiot I was. What a fucking idiot. Stupid, stupid fucking cunt.


He’s probably relieved tbf


I remember Shell Zenner going hell for leather that Tom Odell was the new Jeff Buckley. That aged well

I briefly dated someone who lived in Sheffield, I think she sometimes took photos for Sandman.

Didn’t know she used to write for Sandman. Seems like a good egg from what I know of her.

Not sure…was there a Sandman in Manchester?

Dunno :man_shrugging:

Aged like milk

Wasn’t Martin Grech the new Jeff Buckley at one point too?

Saw him at Truck once, he looked like he’d slept in a bush and kept abandoning songs because he couldn’t remember how they went. Still probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

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Sucks to be the new anybody really

That was based on his first single really. Shame he never went anywhere, was some great stuff on his first two albums.

It’s Tamino now

Grech has an amazing voice and is an excellent guitar player. What he’s always lacked is focus. And possibly a co-writer. Do like his first album, though.

My uni band’s first proper gig was supporting Martin Grech in Derby. Couldn’t ever get fully into his stuff but that first single was great, and he and his whole band were super nice to us.