Just saw a bloke in a swarfega beanie hat

You seen any strange branded fashion recently?

Aggpass Saw-swarfega

My Granddad wore a Sea Life Centre baseball cap for the last 8 years or so of his life.


Really enjoy the Swarfega branding so would be interested in owning one of these.

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one of those, eh?

Just a man who found a cap he was comfortable in and was happy to stick with it.

It wasn’t very good. But he wearing it on the day of (I assume) his son’s graduation. Which is a top drawer piece of dadding

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it was more that he was promoting a place where beautiful, sentient creatures live a life of pure misery, tbh.

always good to keep the head warm though.

that jstor hat from that thread

What because only men can graduate? Sickening stuff.

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Ah right, not even sure he ever visited tbh, not sure where it came from.

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you know what. I said yes, just so he’d buy it and look an idiot

that was a dark couple of minutes for me there, I can tell ya

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Chazzer shop, surely

oh should have looked at what post you were replying to first

sorry all
sorry aggy
sorry ant

No need for apologies here

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that’s the one

University boyfriend had an uncle who was a tractor driver. A huge chunk of his wardrobe was freebie merch from farm supply companies (and of course a John Deere cap).

Love the smell of swarfega

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