Just saw a colleague make squash


By doing the water first and THEN adding the cordial.

Now I’ve seen everything.


this is the correct way


You of all people should know better.



there are two factors that make up a successful glass of squash; the temperature of the water and the ratio of cordial. if you put the squash in first you have less control over both factors THINK ABOUT IT YEAH


i’m sorry japes, but it’s not


Squash in the workplace anecdote:

Someone had a Lemsip the other day. Lemon flavour. They then added some blackcurrant Robinson’s to it, because they don’t like the lemon flavour, but there weren’t any blackcurrant Lemsips in the shop.


How long have you worked with Epimer?


surely everyone runs the cold water till it gets to it’s coldest and then you add?!


The problem here is that they were drinking squash in the first place.


this is how they do it in teh adverts


The problem is clearly that they work at a tech company and don’t understand the principles behind mass transfer. COME ON.


here we go again, not sure why i participated in this



Guy I used to work with (Neil) did this - said it made it easier to see how strong it was.


proof that it is the correct method

the defence rests


Neil’s a prick. They always are. Except my mate Neil who’s fine.


Would you like me to draw a Heather Small / Mick Hucknall line below which nobody should post?


Doesn’t matter as long as you’re careful, but no-one’s ever bloody careful are they, and you end up with weak squash.


Best Neil I knew was a Neilesh. That’s right, I’m a multicultural kind of guy.