Just saw a colleague make squash


Do you stir the squash as you add it, to make sure that it distributes evenly?


You are ....


gravity does that for you


Ah. Nearly had me there. Now I know you're trolling.



well thats just inconsistent


the tagline basically acknowledges he is a terrible role model for that child


Yeah Epimer why are you working with children?


please can we try and have better threads than this?


on you go


Can we mark this thread as the point when DiS Hivemind turned on @japes, community figurehead?

Something something Trump something BREXIT.


Put the squash in first for a more consistent squash, but sometimes I like watching it diffuse (when it comes to those ultra concentrated squirty ones)


Was with my pal smoking weed one night not long after he had had his first kid, for the record it was his first night off and we weren't trying high while looking after the kid.
Anyway we were super stoned and talking pish in the kitchen and this ad came on, he burst out greeting at the end of it :slight_smile:


Haha!! Awwwwwww, that's very sweet.


yeah but you work with the full roast eater. There's no rhyme or reason in your office its like the Galapagos islands!
Everyone knows if you put in the squash last it never tastes quite the same its something to do with the atomic level of mixing.


What the FUCK?


hi guys - one of colleagues makes her instant coffee in this order

instant coffee granules
then milk
then hot water

thats mad isn't it?


I've been doing it wrong then

The adverts seem to prove that big babies add juice first and office drones add water first.



No, that's correct - granules, milk then water.


it definitely is not correct